Dear Patients,

RANTAC or RANITIDINE shown to have some problems

It has come to our notice recently from reports by the FDA (USA) and Drug controller (India) there is a problem with a medication called Ranitidine or RANTAC. A molecule called NDMA has been found to be present in many batches of the medicine in tests done in USA.
Ranitidine is a medicine used for acidity and doctors in our clinic have prescribed this medication in the past for patients .However we would like to clarify that the amounts which have been found in batches in USA were minimal and similar amounts are found in other food products as well. Unlike most of our patients, some patients can consume Ranitidine for a very long period of time and only in this situation may be exposed to this contaminan for a long duration of time. This is worrisome as the contaminant has been known to cause cancer.
Though similar test reports have not been released in India, the drug controller has asked everyone to exercise caution.
However, the FDA nor the Drug Controller of India have advised patients NOT to stop taking RANITIDINE as of now.
It is our policy to always err on the side of caution when it comes to our patient’s health. Hence we would like to inform all our patients that if you are taking Ranitidine to please stop the same. Instead of RANITIDINE or RANTAC you can take tablet Famotidine. Please buy the same from our Pharmacy or any other pharmacy. Famotidine has not been reported to have any issues till date. You can come to our pharmacy anytime between 9.00 am to 8.00 pm to buy FAMOTIDINE.


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