– Do NOT assume that arthritis causes only pain in the joints (it can involve internal organs as well)

All types of arthritis are usually associated with pain in the joints. However some types of arthritis can be quite severe and cause permanent damage to the joints. Damage cannot be treated or cured. Patients with permanent damage to their joints may end up having difficulty doing normal tasks like opening a door & wearing clothes. In addition several internal organs, such as eyes, lungs, heart and kidney can be damaged in some types of arthritis.

– Do NOT stop medications without informing your doctor

Taking medications irregularly can allow your arthritis to damage your joints or worse, your internal organs. In addition the chance of remission/cure is likely to become much less in patients who take treatments irregularly.

– Do NOT assume that arthritis happens only due to old age

Arthritis is not a disease of old age. There are many types of severe arthritis which involve young children. Children as young as 2 years can also suffer from arthritis.

– Do NOT try things which have worked for other people with arthritis

There are at least 100 different diseases which can cause arthritis. The treatment can be dramatically different depending on which type of arthritis a particular patient has. Just because someone you know had joint pain/arthritis and felt better after some treatment does NOT mean the same would work for you. You can end up trying medicines or treatment which is not useful or worse, harmful!

– Do NOT wait and see to find out if arthritis goes off on it’s own

It might be tempting to wait and see if your arthritis disappears on it’s own. However it is important to remember that in most types of arthritis, the earlier you treat the better the outcome is, so seek treatment early.

– DO remain active and exercise

It is common myth that patients with arthritis should rest. It is now known that patients with all types of arthritis should exercise and maintain an active lifestyle

– DO have a healthy diet

It is common myth that night shade vegetables, such as brinjal and potato, can worsen arthritis. However, this is not true. Maintain a healthy weight by eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is likely to help in the management of most types of arthritis.

– DO inform your doctor BEFORE trying any alternative therapies

Many alternative therapies (acupuncture, yoga) have been shown to be slightly useful in SOME types of arthritis but NOT in all types. Some alternative therapies can cause problems when mixed with your current medications. Be sure to consult your doctor before trying alternative therapies.

– DO realize that some types of arthritis are curable

Arthritis is NOT a life sentence. There are some types of arthritis which are curable. This is particularly true if you start treatment early from a rheumatologist and take the treatment regularly.

– DO consult a specialist

As stated above many diseases can cause arthritis. The exact treatment depends on what type of arthritis a patient has. Specialists can help in diagnosing the proper type of arthritis. General physician, Internal medicine specialists, Physiotherapists and Orthopedicians are different type of specialists who help in the treatment of many types of arthritis. However, most doctors will agree that Rheumatologists are the ideal specialists to help make a proper diagnosis and guide the treatment of patients with different types of arthritis.

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