We are always so scared and worried that children should not catch infections. Once children are grown up into adults we are usually much less concerned. However, some adults particularly those with rheumatological or immunological conditions or elderly people are frequently at increased risk of developing various infections. And some infections during adulthood can be quite serious.

Let us take the example of swine flu . Mr Amit Shah from BJP was recently admitted with Swine flu. Many people are not as lucky as him. Many people are unlucky and fail to receive prompt and appropriate treatment. In other situations, the disease is so severe that they land up in the ICU or die because of the illness. Contrary to what many people think FLU can be a serious disease. Exactly 100 years back in 1918 the whole world suffered from a flu called the “Spanish Flu”. It was so severe that in 2 years, ⅓rd of the earth’s population was affected and tens of millions of people had died. In our own country Swine flu killed more than 2,000 people in 2017.

However there is a simple way to prevent or at least reduce your risk of developing illnesses like pneumonia and flu. Vaccination!!! Yes, that’s right. Those injections and drops which were meant for children have ended up saving the lives of several adults by protecting them against serious diseases. There are other benefits of vaccination as well. Getting vaccinated will help you stay healthy, so you are less likely to take sick leave or miss work. Vaccination will not only protect you but also your loved ones as well. Some vaccines like hepatitis B and Human papillloma virus can protect you from developing cancer as well.

What are the vaccinations that are recommended in adults.
1) SWINE FLU (H1N1) vaccine
3) Hepatitis B (JAUNDICE)
4) Hepatitis A (JAUNDICE)
5) Zoster (Painful complication of CHICKENPOX in adults)
6) Haemophilus (PNEUMONIA)
7) Meningococcal (MENINGITIS, Brain fever)
8) HPV vaccine ( Cervical CANCER)
9) Tdap vaccine – (Protection from childhood vaccines wears off over time so you need additional doses of certain vaccines to stay protected)
10) Yellow fever (based on travel plans or your job

For more information on any of the above vaccines please contact OPTIMA clinic reception. We will be updating more information about each individual vaccines shortly

To keep a record of which vaccinations you’ve had and which you will need in the future you need to maintain a vaccination record. At OPTIMA clinic all patients who take vaccinations are given a vaccination record. Please keep the same carefully.

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