NABL accredited Laboratory Services

We have tied in with NABL accredited labs to offer routine blood investigations at affordable rates. A concerted effort is made to make certain that the reports are of the best quality and The test reports are shown to concerned specialist and any changes in the prescription of the patient are elicited and the updated report is emailed to the patient along with the update prescription. This saves the patient one visit to the doctor.

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Radiology services for Immediate Diagnosis

We have available in-house X-ray services for immediate assessment of musculoskeletal injuries. In addition, in many situations it helps in determining the possible diagnosis/cause of inflammatory arthritis. Also we are one of the only places in Karnataka which offer rheumatologist performed / directed musculoskeletal ultrasound which helps in the diagnosis or inflammatory arthritis in the early stages of the disease.

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Inhouse Pharmacy

We have pharmacy which is stocked with commonly used medications by arthritis patients. The hallmark of our pharmacy is that it offers medications at discounted prices to patients who buy the medications using a prescription by one of the doctors in OARC. (Outside prescriptions are also honoured though the applicability of the discount is determined on a case by case basis). In addition to dispensing of medicatio...

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Special Investigations and Procedures

We pride ourselves in offering several specialized investigations and procedures which are not available in most other hospitals or diagnostic centres. This is probably only centre in Karanataka which offers patients rheumatologist directed/ performed diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. In addition to the same we are able to offer patients ultrasound directed injections and biopsies of difficult to reach joints (such as hip joint or...

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Optima Super Specility hospital is a Multi Specialty hopspital located in Mahalakshmi Layout Bangalore. We offer NABL accredited lab services.

The rheumatology department consists of 6 trained rheumatologist. It is the ONLY Private healthcare facility in Karnataka to have 6 fully trained Rheumatologists. The chief rheumatologist is Dr Sharath Kumar. Dr.Sharath Kumar was trained under The Father of Indian Rheumatology, Dr.A.N.Malaviya. The other 2 rheumatologists in the team Dr Vikram Jain trained in Clinical Immunology from JIPMER, Pondicherry which is an institute of national importance. The other consultant Dr Deepika Ponnuru trained from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences,  Hyderabad. 

As rheumatological diseases involve several organs and team care is important hence prominent specialists from other departments such as Psychiatry, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Neurology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Pulmonology and General surgery have been included in the team to provide comprehensive care under one roof

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Day care facility available. All are doctors are from premium institution of the country. They have practiced in some of the best Hospitals in the country



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