World arthritis day is on 12th Oct 2016. Only arthritis patients know the amount of problems that arthritis patients face. The problems are not only physical but also more importantly social (Nobody believes you are sick because you look well !!) and financial (loss of work, loss of promotions because of sick leave, expenditure on medications). We as a society need to recognize that arthritis is a serious condition in many situations and not just some mild aches and pains due to old age. In addition we need to convince our political leaders to help change or modify insurance laws such that arthritis patients are given the same benefits as patients with other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, etc….. To meet both ends the Karnataka chapter of the Indian rheumatology association is organizing a walkathon on 16th OCT (SUNDAY) from Freedom park to Vidhan Soudha. Please come and participate along with your family members and make this event a success. Please see the photos for more details.


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